Friday, September 16, 2011

First Post Ever!

Hey guys and dolls! Welcome to my new blog! After checking out a few of my favourite make-up guru's blogs, I thought I'd have fun doing one of my own.

What is this blog going to be about, you ask? This blog is going to be about everything from make-up products, to random items and products that I really like and enjoy, even a little bit about what is going on in my personal life! Another question I'm sure you all are asking is why my blog is titled ChristinaChameleon. Well... obviously my name is Christina, but then I thought "ChristinaChameleon" would be a cool name because my style, my tastes, and the things in my life are always changing. Ooohh... that sounded deep, huh? Yeah, not so much.

I know I don't lead the most thrilling or entertaining life, but I figure this would also be a cool way for 'lost' friends to know what is going on with me and just to get inside my head since daily conversations are a bit out of reach most of the time.

So I hope you guys enjoy this! Once I get settled into my new life in Columbus, I'll be more able to keep up with this thing!